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This proposal has been forwarded to the Dutchess Co. Pomona to provide Local Governments the Ability to Regulate Chemicals in Their Own Communities

February, 2019. Rhinebeck Grange #896, of the Dutchess County Pomona and the New York State Grange, is a segment a rural family fraternity with over 5,000 members.  Our organization has its basis in agriculture.  As a representative of our local rural and agricultural communities, we would like to ask for your support for legislation which we feel would be an important asset to our rural communities. 

In recent years, we have seen an increase in both the number of off-the-shelf pesticides that have been used in and around the home and wide-spread farm pesticides, that are now causing health and environmental problems. Concerns include the potential risks these chemicals pose to our children, pets, pollinators and our food sources. Powerful large corporations have an increased interest in food control and are calling the shots at an alarming rate. What cost is this to the average person?

Although we uphold the right of every individual to farm and protect their crops and property, we do not support the use of chemicals that can be potentially harmful to the surrounding environment and communities. We support safe and alternative means to the same end result of protecting crops.

We feel that the permanent changes to our environment that these chemicals pose are detrimental to public safety in every community of New York State. The Rhinebeck Grange believes that local communities should be able to manage the health and welfare of our own citizens and feel that grassroots involvement is necessary to encourage our legislators to fight for the safety and well-being of our communities.

For these reasons, we ask for your support of the following proposal by contacting your local legislators, mayors, town supervisors, etc to bring about positive change.

PROPOSAL: To Provide Local Governments the Ability to Regulate Chemicals in Their Own Communities

WHEREAS; New York State Law Section 33-0303 grants the

NY Department of Environmental Conservation (NYDEC) jurisdiction in all matters pertaining to the distribution, sale, use  and  transportation  of  pesticides in NY; and

WHEREAS; communities hold no jurisdiction over toxic pesticides used on private property in their communities; and

WHEREAS; new data and evidence of harm to humans, pollinators and ecological balance is found to occur within certain groups of pesticides including neonicotinoids, glyphosate and chlorpyrifos; and

WHEREAS; other government entities have banned certain pesticides due to such evidence; and

WHEREAS; alternatives exist for many of these chemicals;

THEREFORE be it RESOLVED that Rhinebeck Grange #896 supports legislation that rescinds Section 33-0303 of New York State Law,

and provides local governments the ability to regulate chemicals to protect public health and their unique local environments.


The Rhinecliff Dock is a one of only a few public boat accesses to the the Hudson River. People come here to fish and relax by on the banks of the Hudson River. Shown here, Waterfront Day, 2016 in The Hamlet of Rhinecliff.

JULY, 2017: For Hudson River Anchorage Points Updates, visit:




Whereas, the United States Coast Guard has proposed the addition of new anchorage sites for commercial vessels with their attending tug, tow, or push boats on the Hudson River with ten sites between Yonkers, Westchester County, and Kingston, Ulster County, in consideration, and

Whereas, most of the large ships that traverse the Hudson River are designed to carry up to eight million gallons of petroleum products, biochemical products, and other hazardous materials, and

Whereas, Coast Guard officials say adding anchorage sites would allow for a safer and more efficient flow of vessel traffic, and

Whereas, there are several scenic and tourist groups as well as the Ulster County Legislature, Ulster County Executive Michael Hein, the Dutchess County Legislature, Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro, Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney, and New York Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand who have expressed concerns about this proposal, and

Whereas, these concerns include negative environmental, health, and scenic impacts such as oil spills, exposure to pollutants in drinking water and threatening native aquatic species and habitats,  exposure to sound pollution to surrounding river towns from generators continuously running, the hindering of potential waterfront development projects, and having an adverse impact on recreational enjoyment of the Hudson River,

For updates and more detailed information, visit:

Therefore, Be It Resolved, that Rhinebeck Grange #896 strongly opposes the commercial anchorage site proposal by the United States Coast Guard along the Hudson River because of the serious risk to the people of the Hudson River Valley and negative environmental, health, and scenic impacts.