Samuel Clemens: Tales of Mark Twain

See Joe Baer as Mark Twain

A Benefit Performance for the Dutchess Co. Pomona Grange

A Solo Show written and performed by Joe Baer

MAY 6, 2022 at 7pm

MAY 7, 2022 AT 2PM

AT STANFORD GRANGE, No 808. 6043 Route 82, Stanfordville, NY 12581.

If you enjoy history and story-telling with a satirical twist, you won’t want to miss Samuel Clemens: Tales of Mark Twain!

Celebrate Mother’s Day Weekend by taking Mom to the Theater! The Dutchess Co. Pomona Grange will present, Samuel Clemens: Tales of Mark Twain, a one-man show written and performed by Joe Baer, at the Standford Grange in Standfordville, NY.

So what does Mark Twain, writer, satirist, story-teller, have in common with this day and age? Everything! One, Ernest Hemingway once said that “all of American literature could be traced back to Mark Twain.” Two, Twain, circa 1900, boldly branded himself with his personal style of a white suit, white unruly hair and a cigar long before it was fashionable to engage in such pomposity. And three, Twain publicly skewered the powerful, mocked the pious and helped a growing nation face its flaws with vinegar and wit. Now what late-night talk show host doesn’t ascribe to that?

In his newest one-man show, Joe Baer portrays Samuel Clemens near the end of his career, to present a nostalgic look back through time; starting from his rural roots in small town, Missouri, to his International acclaim. This narrative performance highlights the pinnacles and ebbs of this iconic American figure against a historical background.

Joe Baer is long-time Rhinecliff resident, actor, (Love Letters, (2017), (Christmas Carol (2016), Clarence Darrow,(2015), Camelot (2013), Vince Dirango (2011, 2012) writer and Emmy-Award winning lighting director. He is also an active member of the Rhinebeck Grange. Says Baer,“I enjoy the challenge of working the stage alone to present significant historic figures in their finest moments. As author of Samuel Clemens: Tales of Mark Twain, I chose the format of a theatrical lecture, a style I imagine Twain would have used to present in his time.”

The show will continue at three other venues in the Hudson Valley through May.  The price of admission just $15.00.

The Pomona Grange covers all Granges in Dutchess Co. It is a family-based community organization with a civic mission. Fund-raising supports Grange efforts to offer educational programs, scholarships, and implement service projects such as planting trees, assisting food pantries, and quality social interactions.

If you enjoy history and contextual story-telling, you won’t want to miss Samuel Clemens: Tales of Mark Twain, a one-man show written and performed by Joe Baer thru May. All doors open one-half hour before the show. Reservations are encouraged as seating is limited. General seating with COVID safety guidelines adhered to. Tickets are available at the door $15.00 per person. One intermission with concessions.

FOR Pomona Grange Benefit, Order on-line tickets at

For show info and to purchase tickets go to

Group discounts available for ten or more for venues beginning May 14. For more information call Cynthia Baer, 845-876-5738.

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